The digital selling glossary : illustrated terms and …

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 The digital marketing glossary : illustrated terms and ...

 #ad hashtag

 3MS initiative

 A/B multivariate tests significance

 A/B testing

 A/B/n contrast tools


 Abandonment live chat

 Above a fold


 Accidental click


 Account manager


 Ad analytics

 Ad animation length

 Ad API program

 Ad arbitrage

 Ad blocker

 Ad blocking

 Ad clutter

 Ad collision

 Ad engagement

 Ad exchange

 Ad support rate

 Ad magnitude capping

 Ad impression

 Ad inventory

 Ad register fill rate

 Ad register forecasting

 Ad register management

 Ad network

 Ad network API

 Ad network SDK

 Ad ops

 Ad optimization algorithm

 Ad preferences manager

 Ad rank

 Ad request

 Ad sales management

 Ad sales sofware

 Ad sequencing

 Ad server

 Ad portion discrepancy

 Ad portion latency

 Ad specs

 Ad stacking

 Ad stitching

 Ad stuffing

 Ad tag

 Ad tech

 Ad trader

 Ad trafficker

 Ad trafficking

 Ad underdelivery

 Ad verification

 Adaptative streaming

 AdChoices icon

 Add-to-cart rate

 Addressable TV


 AdSense Arbitrage

 AdSense click bombing

 AdSense click fraud

 AdSense clickjacking

 AdSense paid traffic

 AdSense protected traffic



 Advertiser black list

 Advertiser blocklist

 Advertising API

 Advertising technology



 Adwords comment manager

 AdWords ad

 AdWords API

 AdWords for video

 AdWords keyword tool

 AdWords script


 Affiliate API

 Affiliate blacklist

 Affiliate deduplication

 Affiliate low linking

 Affiliate couple cloaker

 Affiliate couple cloaking

 Affiliate couple hijacking

 Affiliate couple translation

 Affiliate marketing

 Affiliate Marketing Council

 Affiliate selling manager

 Affiliate newsletter

 Affiliate sequence tax

 Affiliate paid hunt policy

 Affiliate parasitism

 Affiliate program

 Affiliate recruitment list


 Affliate network

 Agency ad server

 Agency trade desk

 Agent name delivery



 Alliance for Audited Media

 Alternate ad

 Alternate text

 Amazon tax

 Ambush marketing


 Anchor link

 Anchor text


 Android market

 Android SDK

 Animated gif in email



 App ranking

 App ranking algorithm

 App ranking algorithm

 Apple promotion identifier

 Apple’s IFA

 Application instrumentation

 Approved sender

 Approved senders list

 ASCII art

 Asynchronous tag



 Attribution model

 Attribution modeling


 Audience extension

 Audience targeting

 Audience verification


 Automated associate marketing

 Automated alighting page

 Automated monetization

 Autoplay video

 Autoplay video for ads

 Autoplay video in email

 Average CPMs

 Average deliverability rate

 Average email open rate

 Average Facebook click by rate

 Average inbox chain rate

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